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Dr.Richard F. Gringeri, DC

Board Eligible Chiropractic Neurologist Certified Digestive Specialist/Enzyme Replacement Nutritionist Author, Speaker Graduated from: Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1987 Licensed by: The State of California Richard Gringeri, DC, is one of Northern Caiifornia’s leading authorities on natural, drug-free solutions for Type 2 Diabetes, and most digestive and metabolic disorders.  A popular lecturer and author, Dr. Gringeri has developed a unique approach to using chiropractic, physiotherapy and nutrition to optimize physical function.  His successful programs assist in the reversal of Type 2 Diabetes and a variety of other debilitating health conditions.  Dr. Gringeri has been practicing in Santa Clara for over 25 years.

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Free Diabetes Type 2 Seminar

The End of the Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic

 Sponsored by the Foundation for Wellness Professionals Speaker: Dr. Richard F. Gringeri, DC

Dr. Richard Gringeri DC addresses the following four vital concerns:

  • Are your diabetes drugs causing irreversible damage?
  • How do you gain better blood sugar control so your doctor can reduce your meds?
  • Are you afraid of losing your sight, toes or kidneys?
  • What is the REAL CAUSE of Type 2 Diabetes?

Comments Made by Attendees of Dr. Gringeri’s Free Seminar: “The End of the Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic” “The best information I have heard about the real cause of diabetes, that dispelled the myths that I’d been told … and believed!” Wilfred T. “Now I understand why I feel so much worse while taking these drugs, and realize they have nothing to do with making me healthy and improving my body’s ability to stabilize my sugars.” Manuel B.

Saturday, December 31st

10 am – Seminar

12 pm – Lunch with Q&A

Hosted at the Human Engine Clinic

1171 Homestead Road #160 – Santa Clara 95050


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Type 2 Diabetic Patient Success

This popular seminar is for Type 2 Diabetics who are tired of drugs and want to improve their glucose numbers and enjoy living again. The scientific studies and medical reviews provided will expose the true and factual cause of diabetes, and attendees are usually shocked to discover the truth.

This event is by Reservation Only!

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Here’s a current patient’s success: “For 15 years, I have been dealing with health problems including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, digestive difficulties, etc.  With all the medical treatment I have had, I have never had the sense that I am getting better, only slowly getting worse. I went to a seminar given by Dr. Gringeri and really liked what he had to say. I needed to do something because my future looked looked very grim.  I have only been under Dr. Gringeri’s care for about two and a half months.  I am sleeping much better. My  constipation and diarrhea is gone.  This alone has been such a relief! My A1C was 7.9 and is already down to 6.0. I just had more lab work done with my MD’s and they are all amazed at my great improvement.  I consider that what Dr Gringeri does is nothing short of amazing.” U.A. Palo Alto


The Owner’s Manual for Your Human Engine; The 3 Keys to Total Wellness

BK sidebarThe Owner’s Manual for Your Human Engine provides basic knowledge on the care and use of the greatest machine in existence – your human body! Inside you’ll find the 3 keys to total wellness, and how they can eliminate a host of ailments commonly related to aging.     Discover The truth behind prescription drugs! A solution for chronic indigestion! How the nervous system can heal the body! …and more! “Put simply, [Dr. Gringeri] completely changed my life by providing guidance and treatment that has allowed me, at 49 years of age, to achieve a level of health and fitness I never thought possible. I’m free from the major digestive problems that made my life a misery for decades.” – Anthony Field, Author of How I Got My Wiggle Back free preview copyrev





NFL Great Joe Theismann Interviews Dr. Gringeri on Type 2 Diabetes Joe Theismann, pro football great, recently interviewed Dr. Gringeri about Type 2 Diabetes. They discussed Dr. Gringeri’s path to discovering a method to effectively handle this disease without drugs. Joe Theismann is a Super Bowl winning quarterback and former Monday Night Football broadcaster.  Dr. Gringeri has helped hundreds of Type 2 diabetics in the greater San Jose area to reduce or eliminate their medications, avoid amputations and blindness, and return to a state of vitality not possible with traditional diabetes drugs.


“As my parents became too old to live on their own, I moved them into my home to live out the remainder of their lives.  My mom had cancer and Parkinson’s and my dad had congestive heart failure.  My girlfriend had told me about Dr. Gringeri and after all of the medical doctors had failed to treat my Mom’s Parkinson’s successfully, I decided to try his methods. He is amazing, kind and knowledgeable.  He was never in a hurry and made a little old lady feel special and cared for.  He treated my Mom as if she were the most important patient he had ever seen.  The medications that the doctors had prescribed to my Mom made her so disoriented,  the Parkinson’s got much worse and she couldn’t get out of bed.  It was terrible.  Dr. Gringeri put her on a special vitamin formula, had her do oxygen treatments and put her feet on an intense vibrator.  The results were amazing and what was wonderful is that there were absolutely no  side effects.  All my Mom did was improve.  I thank God I found Dr. Gringeri and I recommend him to any one.”

Suzanne R.

“My father’s sciatica has been getting progressively worse for the last 6 years.  A year ago he was stooped forward and needed to start using a cane.  Dr. Gringeri started working with my father last August and through the fall.  My dad said Dr. Gringeri “stretched” his spine.  As a result of the work with Dr. Gringeri,  when I saw my father at Vasona yesterday, he walked over perfectly upright without a cane to give me hug.  I had thought that there would be no going back to this kind of movement for my father since he had been working with all sorts of massage and chiropractors for years.  My dad still uses a cane at times and is working to drop more weight and still, he has improved tremendously since Dr. Gringeri began to work with him.  I am grateful and would recommend Dr. Gringeri to anyone.”

Kathy E.

joan m200“When I first attended Dr. Gringeri’s lecture, my AIC was 7.0. I was on Metformin for ten years and my blood sugar was up to 150. My liver had become fatty and my weight was 150 lbs. I saw the ad and decided to attend. My entire family has had diabetes for three generations. I thought there was nothing I could do to escape it. Then I attended this lecture and the doctor reviewed the actual cause of diabetes. After I went home and did my own online research I knew what he told us was true. It totally made sense. I now understand why my current treatment would never fix this problem. After starting this new customized program, my weight is down to 134 lbs., my A1C is down to 5.9 and my a.m. glucose readings averaged 114.75 over all last month with no drugs. I am now off of Metformin and all blood pressure medications. I am thrilled beyond words!” “Dr. Gringeri’s program has worked so amazingly well for me that I am now updating my original testimonial. I continue to improve. My a.m. glucose readings for April averaged 105 and my weight has gone down to 128 pounds! I am one very happy person ! ” Joan M.

Free Diabetes Report

In this power-packed report I’ll show you which treatment programs will actually improve your health… THEN, I’ll give you the research to avoid the ones that will drain your savings, jeopardize your health and squash your quest for longevity… Click the report cover to get your copy and start improving the quality of your life! free report copy 2rev

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